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Parent Rights to Know Letter 2018-2019
Spanish Immersion & School Choice Magnet Program Registration Information
Dear Parent,
The registration process for Spanish Immersion and School Choice Magnet program is on the way.  The procedure is as followed: Selected applicants will have five (5) days to accept or decline their seat before the system automatically declines it. Registration will begin March 25, 2019. The selection letters will indicate the following message regarding the registration deadline, " 5 school days from the date on this letter". This will allow all selected applicants the same amout of time to register, regardless of which day they are selected or rolled up from the wait list. The software will only roll up applicants from the waiting list March 25 -29, there will be no roll ups during Spring Break. The next round of notifications will begin April 8, 2019, however applicants selected from that point forward will register on whatever have been dates determined by the individual schools.
The time for registration for Barack Obama is Monday through April, 8th, 2019 through April 12th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1:00 p.m.  Please have documents printed and ready along with the letter printed for acceptance.
Thanks!  (This is for round 2 of Lottery process)
ATTENTION ALL NEW STUDENTS TO DEKALB HAVE TO REGISTER AT OLR NOT AT THE SCHOOL.  (Example all Kindergarteners and anyone that has not been at DeKalb student for 2018 school year)
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